KO Artist Feature William Rosewood


KO Artist Feature William Rosewood

At only 22 years oldWilliam Rosewoodhas already made his mark in the art world. Rosewood’s exploratory nature was always seeking out new materials, designing and looking for creative contingencies. When Rosewood was sixteen years old he started his own clothing business, creative entrepreneurship percolated inside him.

When Rosewood turned 17 he attended the Willem de Kooning Academywhere he learned the artistry in commercial image-making graduating in February 2015 as illustrator. Rosewood as with most  creative trail blazers, became rebellious towards the simple-minded ideas that were generally accepted in common illustration. Rosewood developed a particular interest in exploring and pushing the limit of what is possible in his creations. This manifested itself not only in painting, but also in experimenting with different materials. Rosewood developed a unique style in which he combined the usage of unconventional materials with large visuals.

In June 2015 Rosewood began to work on his first large scale exhibition: ‘The Richness of Nature we Destroy’.This series focuses on nature’s strength that often is underestimated and forgotten. Here Rosewood combines a reproduction of animals skulls with 24 carat gold to symbolize nature’s inherent wealth.

I love the over-the-top flamboyance of Rosewood’s work. There is nothing subtle about this series. I see a lot of parallels between Rosewood and early Jeff Koons. I look forward on where his creative journey will take him.

KO: What is your personal definition of art?:

WR: Creating is the most powerful thing in the world and I feel blessed by being an artist. It’s a universal language that brings emotion to everybody. It’s a way of telling a story.  

KO: At what age did you decide you were an artist?

WR: You don’t become an artist, you are one or not. I believe in that. There is no point or age for me. As long as I know I have been creating.


KO: Who is your favourite fashion designer?

WR: I really like Gabrielle Chanel – Chanel as a brand is one of the most famous and is true to it’s identity.

KO: What are the staples of your wardrobe?

WR: Most of the time I wear working clothes, like jeans with paint. Of course a few classy suits and chino’s make appearances on occation.

KO: What kind of music do you like to listen to while you are working?

WR: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Tom Waits, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, BB King, Eric Clapton, Townes van Zandt, JJ Cale,Plan B and much more…

KO: Who is your favourite artist?

WR: Caravaggio

KO: What artistic movement or period has influenced you the most in your own practice?

WR: Pop art, impressionism, modern and contemporary art

KO: What did your parents do that help encourage or discourage you in your artistic practice?

WR: They always said to keep doing what you really love to do. So that’s what I’m doing everyday.

KO: What advice would you give future artists?

WR: Follow your heart and listen to criticism but don’t let it influence your passion too much. The way YOU do it is the best way.

KO: Are you superstitious?

WR: Not really, no.

KO: What does your creative process look like?

WR: Just start, at art school there were a lot of people who just keep thinking and get stuck at some point. I was learning by doing it and when I fail I just start over again till I manage. By doing this I know almost exactly what I want to make.

KO: Where do you create?

WR: Always at my Studio.

KO: Where is your studio?

WR: The Hague, Netherlands

KO: How has your style evolved?

WR: I’m officially an illustrator, so most of the times I made 2D works. Now after I did the “Richness of the Nature We Destroy” collection I’m in love with sculptures. Back in the days I made a lot of small pieces. The smallest artwork I made now is about 150 cm so I’m loving BIG.

KO: Where do you ideally see yourself in 7 years from now?

WR: In a big studio somewhere with many and many sun hours somewhere in Europe 😉  I also did Art Basel Miami last year, hopefully I can do some more in the upcoming years. Maybe Ibiza?


Photo courtesy of Carl Dawson (@livingexposure) Miami at Macaya Gallery

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