KO Art Interview with Jason Gogo- New Installation in Pizzeria Una

Last Friday a new installation by local #yyc celebrity artist Jason Gogo was unveiled at Una Pizzeria.  The installation is fresh and innovative compared to Gogo’s traditional work, which is primarily on canvas. This installation boarders on graffiti or street art in style, especially when placed in Una on the stark white painted brick walls.

Street art has been quoted as being the biggest movement in our time since POP art. It is about taking art as well as the experience of viewing art, out of a gallery (which is only as accessible as the business hours) and bringing it to the masses of the community it is made in. Street art is in a public area, and is accessible 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. I sat down last night with Gogo to chat with him about the installation at Una:

KO: What was your concept for this installation, and how did it come about?

GOGO: As far as a concept goes, the theme previous to my work being installed in Una was repetitive images. I try to measure my client’s tastes. So I took my last 50 or so paintings that were archived, and layered them digitally. The colors combined to create the vibrant effect you see in the piece. The installation came about over a casual conversation with Jamie and Kelly one night at Una. Colors and textures mix together to create a mood. You want people to be comfortable in a space where they are eating and socializing. I refined my installation to work for the space.

KO: I was actually surprised when you initially told me you were doing an installation in Una, especially because these days you exclusively do commissioned work or bodies of work for your client shows. What prompted you to change it up?

GOGO:Normally I wouldn’t do this, but let’s face it, I am a gun for hire! My friends and I are in Una all the time. It is always a great experience, and now my art is part of that great experience that other people can share too. My art is typically only seen in my client’s homes or on my website. I wanted to introduce my art to a new audience, and in a space where people may not expected to find my art, but could certainly recognize it as my art. I have built a pretty good business in the last couple of years, it is about a point of contact. I have become an anti-gallery artist, and I like to connect to clients one-on-one, I control my inventory, I create a tether between myself and my future clients.  My work is created by action, so my subconscious action and the viewer’s conscious perception, are a context contact.

KO: Is this installation or any of your previous work envisioned or premeditated before it’s executed? Or do you let spontinaity and your moods take control?

GOGO:No, it is all organic. I have very little control of the outcome. I created the process, so I guess the process is premeditated, but that is as far as it goes. That way I am not overly affected or influenced by myself.

KO: My favorite pizza at Una is the mushroom pizza, the one with smoke mozzarella, arugula and truffle oil. Soo good. What’s your favorite Una pizza?

GOGO:Definitely the swiss chard but hold the bacon. Equally important to their pizza though is their amazing wine selection!

KO:What is your earliest visual memory?

GOGO:Watching my Dad paint landscapes from a blanket on the floor of his studio.

KO:This one is going to make you laugh, but it is something I thought of immediately when I saw this Una installation… Do you think watching all the graffiti on the trains that pass by our studios at Artpoint day in and day out has impacted you in some way? I see a lot of movement in the work that reminds me of that.

GOGO: Ha ha, I definitely wouldn’t rule that out.

Jason Gogo’s installation can be seen in Una Pizzeria http://www.unapizzeria.com/ 618 17th Avenue S.W., Calgary, AB. Follow Una on twitter to see how long the wait is for a table!!!



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