KO Exciting Announcements for 2012

For those of you who don’t already know, 2012 has brought about some very exciting announcements; I have been asked by Calgary Movies to be a featured blogger and was the New Year Special Feature for Binzento Vincente’s blog!  My column on Calgary Movies site is called Acme Eclectic.I am very please to be a part of Calgary Movies, and hope to bring something new to the table. Calgary Movies is the first 100% Calgary based, born and raised website dedicated to local moviegoers. On the beloved site, you will find all the local movie listings and reviews- everything from Hollywood hits to locally-produced independent productions. Showtimes are available for ALL of the theatres in Calgary and surrounding area. Truly comprehensive movie listings, theatre information, upcoming releases, mobile access on your handheld, movie reviews, contests, and an entire section devoted to the local scene, you’re only 2 clicks away from all the movie content you want… and you gotta love that!!

Here is the Special Feature Thanks to my dear friend Binzento Vincente:

2012 NEW YEAR Special Feature
Meet Katrina Olson-Mottahed (Calgary, Canada)
Mixed media artist, Film review writer, Binzento Vincente Correspondent
Photography by: Kristin Whiteley

“Katrina Olson-Mottahed, or also known as KO by my readers, got to be one of the earliest and biggest supporters of this blog! A native Calgarian, a mixed media artist, a photographer, a film geek, a wife, a mother, a dog lover, a fashion enthusiast, and a BFF of Binzento Vincente. She plays many exciting roles in her everyday life. As my blog correspondent, she’d been to many places with me with her camera, taking photos, and scoop writing materials for my blog. For all the hard work she’s put in for me in 2011, this “New Year Feature” is for her, and hers only.
I met Katrina about 3 years ago, but not until last year we finally got to know each other when I was invited to one of her art shows. I was very surprised when I saw her paintings, because when I first met her, she was a photographer. Soon after that, she told me she writes film reviews. I admire her diverse art form knowledge; She’s a natural born artist.
Katrina meeting SUNO designers for Binzento Vincente at New York (Mercedes) Fashion Week S/S12

Working with her is never a challenge, because she gets me, and know what Binzentoblog needs. We often share and exchange both fashion and art ideas. Recently, Katrinawas selected to be CalgaryMovies.comfeatured blogger. Here is what Katrinawrote to Binzento Vincente about her inspiration and personal style.
To: Binzento Vincente:“My inspiration (as an artist) comes from life experiences, through travels, conversations, films I have seen, people I have known or even just read about. I am deeply inspired by people who chose to live their lives alternatively and perhaps more colorfully to the majority of society. I find new experiences invigorating. I guess that’s why I love film so much; it is a temporary experience with heightened realities and thankfully more drama than my day-to-day life.
(As for personal style) I really appreciate classic styles with a mix of vintage/contemporary. I love to have high-end designer pieces mixed with casual pieces from H&M or American Apparel. I have been really attracted to Helmut Lang and Alexander Wang for the past 5 years because simplicity of the pieces. I found those lines easy to dress up or down. My wardrobe has been quite monochromatic over the past 5 years. I am trying to bring in some radical colors for spring/summer 2012, just to change it up, and to not take myself as seriously as I have been. I am 30 this year… I am ready for a change. I have acquired some florescent, neon, and animal print pieces that will brighten up my closet, and hopefully my outlook on the future. I am completely infatuated with everything Riccardo Tisci has done for Givenchy recently. Celine has produced some beautiful silhouettes for the female form too. I love the mix of masculine and feminine formality in pants the jackets, as well as the bold accents with bright colors.
In my opinion…Calgary is in an embryonic stage where fashion is concerned. Calgarian’s play it pretty safe for the most part, and take very few risks. I think it has a lot to do with industry here and the corporate culture of our city center. I have seen improvements in the past decades, but the change is in the air now. I think we can expect a lot of great things in this city in 2012 fashion/art/culture wise. I am excited about these changes. As the population grows, so does the diversity, and it allows for more exposure to foreign ideas in fashion. I would love to see more fusion pieces around town, like SUNO stuff and more Bano&eMee, who is now local and fuses Eastern designs with Western, which I adore.
The (connection) or similarities between my personal style and artwork are that they are not too preconceived. With getting dressed and beginning a work of art, it has to do with my state of emotion and the experiences I pull from to express that feeling. They are both constantly evolving with me as a woman. I choose to express my femininity with bold colors in my artwork, but when it comes to my personal style on a day-to-day basis, I would rather emphasize femininity through a vibrant lip color rather than something over figure forming in fashion. I think what I have to say is more important than my clothing, but either way, they both communicate something to the world.
Currently I am working on an extension of my previous pieces from 2011. I will continue working with the female form into 2012 and see where that takes me. I am very interested in staying active in the Arts / Film community here in Calgary through the boards and committees I sit on. 2012 will be about surrounding myself with the people and things I love. I am planning on concentrating my energy and efforts on the things close to my heart.”
Katrina (KO)Binzento Vincente

What was Katrina wearing?
Neon Pink ribbed Cashmere sweater: Michael Kors, Pants:  EtroIkat-print twill cropped pants, Clutch: Proenza Schouler PS 1 Leatherand Jacquard Sunglasses: Celine
Outfits: Neon orange shirt: 3.1 Philip Lim, Cheetah print pants: A.L.C., shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti Color-blocked patent leather sandals
Response to Katrina: “You and I are BFFs because we think alike. In the last 6 months working along with you, I gained a great deal of knowledge about art forms and films. Thank you for being the utmost supporter for Binzento Vincente and introduce my blog to your peers and people you meet. It’s funny how you use the term “embryonic” to describe Calgary’s fashion scene. “Embryonic” is something I always talk about in my double life as a science geek. Like you mentioned, we are still at an early stage in developing the art and culture scene in YYC. I really love how you and I both enjoy a wide range of styles, designers, and fashion. Mix-and-matching is something I adore for many years. Even the greatest fashion house can have a bad season, while you may find a few extraordinary designs in conventional  products. It’s not about the label really, it’s about how you utilize each garment and make sense out of it. Having someone as passionate as you are around will help thrive this city in that direction. Congratulations on being a CalgaryMovies.com featured blogger. I look forward to your success in 2012. You have full support from me, Binzento Vincente.”


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