The Wilfred Chinook Boutique

Aritzia,Canadian women’s favorite fashion retailer opens Wilfred boutique in Calgary at Chinook Centre in a beautifully designed 3,900 square feet mainfloor space. The Wilfred Chinook boutique is inspired by loft spaces with light and feminine undertones, bringing to life the ideals of the Wilfred Woman: feminine, eclectic, effortless.

The space features a curated selection of vintage mid-century modern furniture and fixtures, surrounded by luxe natural materials including white marble, grey oak and custom raked stucco. Custom millwork, foliage and curated artwork will be found throughout the space.

The New Wilfred location opened Monday, November 23, 2015 in Chinook Centre  (6455 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary, AB T2H 0K8). Here are my (and my photographer’s) photos of the beautiful store, as well as my selfie in my new favorite hat and scarf 🙂

Katrina Olson at Wilfred Chinook

Katrina Olson at Wilfred Chinook

Wilfred Chinook Centre Calgary

Wilfred Chinook Centre Calgary

Wilfred Chinook Centre Calgary

Wilfred Chinook Centre Calgary

Wilfred Chinook Centre Calgary

Wilfred Chinook Centre Calgary



All above photos by Katrina Olson & Rania Al Naimi

This fall, Wilfred rewrites the rules of romance, playing with ideas of light and shadow. The result: a layering of textures, from heavy knits and boiled wools to soft embroidery and plush faux sherpa. Prints take inspiration from Morocco and Asia, and come to life in a saturated palette — one that speaks to the modern bohemian. Wilfred clothing is carried in Aritzia boutiques as well.

Aritzia is an innovative design house and fashion boutique. They conceive, create, develop and retail fashion brands with a depth of design and quality at a competitive price point.

Each of their exclusive brands is treated as an independent label with its own vision, team and distinct aesthetic point of view. As a group, they are united by an unwavering commitment to superior fabrics, meticulous construction and relevant, effortless design.

Founded by Brian Hill in 1984, Aritzia now has more than 70 locations in select cities across North America, including Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, New York, San Francisco and Chicago. Aritzia pride themselves on creating immersive, human and highly personal shopping destinations, both in our boutiques and on — with a focus on delivering truly world-class, memorable customer experiences. The new Wilfred store in Chinook certainly is world class and I highly recommend checking it out.

Here are some of my favorite current pieces available in store or online from Wilfred:

Wilfred Boutique Chinook dress

Wilfred Boutique Chinook grey pants

Wilfred Boutique Chinook knitted crop tank

Wilfred Boutique Chinook knitted tube skirt

Wilfred Boutique Chinook knitted tank

Wilfred Boutique Chinook skirt oatmeal

Wilfred Boutique Chinook pants

Wilfred Boutique Chinook scarf

Wilfred Boutique Chinook jacket

Wilfred Boutique Chinook shirt

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