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The Devil Wears Prada role reversal for the new generation. Instead of Anne Hathaway working for a nightmare boss, she becomes the nightmare boss in the new film The Intern.

If you mixed one of each my favorite characters from HBO GirlsAndrew Rannells  and Modern Family’s Adam DeVine, then take two Academy Award winning actorsAnne Hathaway andRobert De Niro with great chemistry you get…the Warner Bros. Pictures new film The Intern.

Fresh, fun and lighthearted humor for the coffee drinking, plaid wearing beard adorned, bike peddling Williamsburg and everywhere in between hipster.

A Brooklyn online clothing company About The Fit, started by Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway) agrees to so a community social service project by hiring senior citizens as interns. Ben Whitaker (Robert Deniro), a 70 year old retired widower has nothing but time on his hands and wants to get out in the world to feel a sense of belonging again. One day walking out of the grocery store Ben sees the ad and makes an online video application for the position.

Ben’s first day on the job proves to be a difficult one with technology and Jules sees no use for the older gentleman. Ben decided to make himself useful and befriends all his co-workers and finds out how much he can help with not only by offering dating advice to the younger men, but tried and true method of being a gentleman.

Ben meets the company massage therapist (Rene Russo) and sparks an instant connection.

Ben finds his way in the company and soon Jules see the deeper value someone like Ben can offer not only to her professional life, but personal life as well.

The Intern was a great film to put reality into perspective for me. We are all going to be old(er) one day and there is a lot we can learn from our elders. This movie was full of great laughs for me. De Niro is such a dynamic actor that pretty much anything he is in becomes amazing. I highly recommend going to see this film with a friend or your parents. It’s a really sweet film.

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The Intern Movie Warner Bros.


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