It’s that time of year again!!! The time where I watch the Victoria Secret Fashion show and begin planning for all my new years resolutions- ugh! For some reason, this show is always the catalyst for my new health/skincare regimes. Here is my Q&A with Elsa Hosk, my Swedish sister from another MR. and current Victoria Secret Angel, who is also a Biotherm Ambassador.

Biotherm is really in line with my philosophy of life, about living life to the fullest. Being a Biotherm ambassador is an amazing honour,” declared the 27-year-old top model.

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KO: You grew up in Stockholm and now you live in NYC. What did you take with you from Sweden?

EH: I brought lots of salt liquorice, a Swedish salty candy that you can’t get anywhere but Sweden. It’s my favorite thing! Plus good, natural vibes. In Sweden we’re all about the natural.

KO: What’s the best thing about living in Stockholm? And about NYC?

EH: The best thing about Sweden is its beautiful nature. All year I look forward to going to the islands in the summer. Taking a boat, hanging out with friends. It’s the best place on earth!

The best side to living in New York is the energy, the feeling you can do anything at any time. Get any food you desire at any hour 🙂 There’s so much going on! It’s a city in which you can express yourself. Stockholm can be conforming, everybody the same. I love the celebration of individuality in New York.

KO: It’s not your first time but knowing that the show is coming, are you nervous? Tell us how you feel.

EH: I always get jittery before the show. So much work goes into this one show that it’s impossible not to feel nervous!

KO: Do you use a specific diet before the Victoria Secret Show?

EH: I try to eat clean and nutritious food to fuel my body and make me stronger!

ELSA HOSK at 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York

KO: What is your personal training to prepare your body to the show?

EH: I mix it up a lot! I go to flex studios for pilates and barre classes, dog pound gym with the other girls for personal training that’s more weight based to build muscle, I do long runs on the hudson river for clarity, and flywheel cycling classes for an intense sweat!

KO: What is your regular fitness regimen when you are not about to walk the Victoria Secret Runway?

EH: Right now I do a lot of different sports! I‘ve been boxing for the past 3 years and I really enjoy it. I have a really good trainer in NY, his name is Kwame. He’s very tough! Sometimes he tells me to jab for pretty much 30 minutes to get it right. Boxing is all about repetition so you have to be patient and you also have to be very in the moment, which I enjoy because you get out of your head. You forget about life, you forget about your problems, you forget about everything. I also love Pilates which is a great compliment to boxing as it stretches you out and is all about the little muscles coming together versus boxing which is more cardio and being explosive. They go very well together. But I like all forms of training: cycling, weight training, cardio classes, yoga, team sports…I’m up for any challenge.


KO: Have you changed your skincare routine before the show?

EH: Yes I change my routine to hydrate my skin more than usual. Hydration is key if you want to get a natural healthy glow. Since I have become a Biotherm ambassador, I have discovered their ultra-hydrating formulas based on aquatic ingredients. I always start with the Life Plankton Essence serum to regenerate my skin every morning. I also use Aquasource Everplump moisturizer for its rich formula. As I trained a lot, I also massage myself with Lait Corporel Body Milk to relax, I love its fruity perfume, perfect after a long working day.

KO: How do you proceed to remove your make up after the show? Do you have any specify tips to give us?

EH: Removing make up as often as possible is the golden rule if you want your skin to survive the show season. I use Biotherm Biosource Total Renew Oil since it protects and takes care of my skin by removing perfectly the make-up on it.


KO: I have yet to try the Biotherm Biosource Total Renew Oil but I need to! Good Luck Elsa on the Victoria Secret runway 😉 


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Runway photos courtesy of Victoria Secret

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