If you follow my stories on snapchat or instagram, you would have seen the battle I had with my skin over the past couple of weeks. The extreme climate change turning this city into a dry deep freeze caused my skin a lot of grief. Thank God that my friend Annie Graham was able to get me in at XO Treatment Room for some TLC and get everything back on track.

I started using two new exciting products that have just been added to the XO FACEcare family; the XO Moisture Mass and XO Rocket Mist.

Annie explained to me that addressing specific skin care needs due to environmental stressers and extreme climates in Canada has been the purpose behind developing XO FACEcare. Many geographical areas are poorly sheltered from extreme winds (like the prairies here in Alberta) and are home to temperatures that vastly vary on a daily basis. These factors cause stress and damage to delicate skin, like mine. XO FACEcare uses the most concentrated actives in facial skincare to protect the outer layer of the skin to keep is hydrated below and on the surface.

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XO Rocket Mist is a powerful product booster providing your skin with the highest levels of hydration. Using a super cool esterification process it create a cleaver little water soluble fat that pulls product deep into the skin at a cellular level boosting the efficiency of your favorite skin care.

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XO Moisture Mass is hydration tailor made for dry skin and dry environments, so perfect for Calgary! It uses a unique, three dimensional glycol-matrix delivery system that releases moisturizing molecules sequentially into the layers of your skin, resulting in a highly significant improvement of both immediate and long term skin hydration. This product creates juicy skin now and later. It is a real pleasure putting foundation on nicely hydrated dewy skin. Before I started using this product, my face just sucked up all the foundation and clogged my pores leaving me (actually Annie 🙂 ) all these breakouts to deal with.

The third product is the XO FACEcarefamily is XO PM, which I put into my 2017 Holiday Gift Guide, I have been using for some time now and love using at night before bed…

XO PM is a calming rescue remedy for dry, agitated skin. Designed with a precious blend of anti-inflammatory antioxidants, vitamins and lipids from the highest quality sources. Go to bed with sweet dreams and wake up with glowing skin.

All the producs in the XO FACEcare family are available on the website or in XO Treatment Room (1306 1 St SW, Calgary).

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