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The holidays are creeping up quickly and I am always looking for great gifts everyone would enjoy. Last week, the local Canmore, AB company Rocky Mountain Soap Co. opened a store in Chinook Centre.

Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Calgary Chinook Centre

(Photo by Erica Cook)

The opening of the Chinook Centre store marks the 11th brick and mortar location for this homegrown company that makes 100% natural, toxin-free products at its workshop in the Canadian Rockies. I have been fortunate enough to visit the head office where the products are made and distributed from, click here to see that post.

Rocky Mountain Soap Company continues to grow as more consumers  seek organic and chemical-free alternatives. The processes and materials used in the new permanent store, located on the upper level of Chinook, followed very specific direction to respect stringent environmental requirements and meet the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Working closely with Canadian architect firm, McKinley Burkart, the team compiled a “Red List” which details any harmful or toxic materials or chemicals that were not to be used in the build of any Rocky Mountain Soap Company store.  Sourcing materials that are re-claimed, re-used, recyclable or compostable in the build was a challenge that McKinley Burkart succeeded in bringing to life in the Chinook store.
Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Calgary Chinook Centre Simple face mask


I have tried some new products since the launch which I love and will make great gifts for anyone on your list. In the photo at the very top of the page I have the restorative Spirulina & Ginseng face mask on. I love this mask because it comes as a powder and you mix it into a paste before applying to your face. The benefit in mixing the paste is that the tiny granules act as a micro exfoliation to the surface of the skin. This mask smells like vanilla yogurt to me, not what I expected but I was pleasantly surprised.  When I washed of the mask the tone and texture of my face was soft and radiant. My guess is you can get 4-5 masks out of one package (depending on how thick you make the paste).


Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Calgary Chinook Centre Simple bath bombs

(Photo by Erica Cook)

Bath products are my absolute favorite. Rocky Mountain Soap Company has a great selection of bath bombs, bath salts and soaps. Some of the scents are so delicious I could eat them, while others are more medicinal and therapeutic for ache muscles and other ailments. I have watched in their workshop the care that goes into hand making these products which give you a good feeling buying and using them 🙂

Hunter UK

The bar soaps are made only in small batches in the workshop, it takes an entire day to make a single batch of soap. After curing for 8 weeks (like cheese!), they are cut by hand at the local stores. The soaps are handmade with natural fats, like coconut and olive oils, mashed fruits or vegetables, herbs, and essential oils. The beautiful marble soap below is the fennel & charcoal looks great beside your sink but also is gives your bathroom a nice natural fragrance of black licorices.


Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Calgary Chinook Centre Fennel & Charcoal

Another one of my favorite Rocky Mountain Soap company products is their lip butter. I keep one in my car, my purse, my bedside table and in the pockets of my coats because they feel amazing, especially in the dry climate here in Alberta. My favroite flavour is the limited edition vanilla candy cane .


Rocky Mountain Soap Company lip butter
Chinook Store Hours: Monday – Saturday 9:30am – 9pm, Sunday – 11am – 7pm



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