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Eugenia Kim with Katrina Olson in Maui

It’s no secret to anyone that I love sun hats. It is more of utility than it is fashion. My Swedish genes don’t lend well to hours soaking up rays.  I wear hats the usually are big enough to require their own zip code because they cover more real estate than just my head.

As far as sun hats go, the most fun and wearable hats I have ever come across are from designer Eugenia Kim. They have been in every magazine that matters and Beyonce wears them… so yeah.

Beyonce Instagram in Eugenia Kim's hats

(From Beyonce’s Instagram)

I met Eugenia Kim here in Maui and spent time in her hats with my girls. Eugenia explained that she did not become a hat designer on purpose. Infact, she started creating hats to hide a bad haircut. Eugenia had been pursuing a career in medicine prior to her exploration of fashion in New York at Parsons School of Design. I find it so amusing how most scientific people have a deeply artistic creative side. Long story short, Eugenia’s hats were very popular and she was approached numerous times from boutique owners who wanted to carry her hats.

Eugenia knew she was on to something and created her hat brand Eugenia Kim, that was picked up by Barneys New York and the rest is history. Her hats are carried in over 200 luxury retailers worldwide and can also be ordered on her websitewww.eugeniakim.com

In Canada, her hats can be purchased atHolt Renfrew. In fact, they are one of my favorite things to gift to friends because they carry Eugenia Kim winter scarfs, head bands and toques (or beanies for the americans 😉 ).

Here are my favorite hats from her current collection:


eugenia-kim-beige-gabriella-straw-hat-with-lobster-product-1-26034710-2-377452537-normal Headintheclouds

All images above courtesy of Eugenia Kim

Makena Rocks Katrina Olson

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