Elwood and the Rabbit Opens in Bridgeland

Earlier this week I was invited to a special dinner at Bridgeland’s latests gem on the food scene in Calgary, Elwood and the Rabbit. The space which formally housed Whitehall, is now an omage to the beloved ferrel rabbits thriving in the Bridgeland neighbourhood. In addition to that, Elwood was a fictional character in one of the longest running broadway plays to date “Harvey”; written by Mary Chase in 1944 for which she received a Pulitzer Prize.

Chef Dylan Draper of Elwood Rabbit

The menu at Elwood and the Rabbit was created by executive Chef and operating partner Dylan Draper who wanted to offer a playful Alberta take on globally inspired food.

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As I have mentioned previously in most of my restaurant posts, I am vegetarian and try, for the most part to eat gluten-free. For most chefs, I am a nightmare to feed. Especially for Chef Draper who is a firm believer in “head to tail” butchery, where as I believe in sparing the whole animal and just eating all the sides 🙂

Sometimes I brace myself when I am invited to a new restaurant, that my invite might be revoked when I share my dietary restrictions- but for the most parts restaurants in Calgary are super relaxed about my dietary stipulations and blow my mind with how many options are available.

Elwood and the Rabbit did not disappoint when it came to GF and Vegetarian options. As I scanned all the menus, I noticed their brunch offers at least 4 vegetarian options like the Brioche French Toast, as well as an Omelet with tomatoes, pickled onion, crème fraiche, salad with potato rosti which is both GF and Vegetarian. The lunch and dinner menus plus the sides all offer a number great options too, including the plates I ate at the dinner featured below in this post.

That being said, I heard from my carnivorous friends, that the Dry Aged Cheese Burger on a sesame bun, with bread & butter pickles, hot mustard, butter leaf, red onion, tomato and aged cheddar is over-the-top delicious. I’ll just have to take their word for it, but if you eat meat, you should probably make a point to give the Dry Aged Cheese Burger a try.


Elwood Rabbit Beets and Buttermilk

Beets and Buttermilk

Chewy sticky beets, beet pudding, sumac and beet ciccarone, rye fennel crumb,

coriander and buttermilk espuma

Elwood Rabbit Pickles & Ferments

Pickles & Ferments

Kimchi Potato Salad Elwood Rabbit

Kimchi Potato Salad

Elwood Rabbit Grilled Cauliflower Steak

Chef Draper’s impromptu green goddess puree, charred leeks, fennel & fromage frais

Kusmi Tea


Elwood Rabbit Valhorna Chocolate Marquis

Valrhona Chocolate Marquis

Passion fruit ice cream, chocolate soil and brown butter powder

(This dessert is to die for. I am seriously going back to fully appreciate this on an empty stomach because the chocolate is so rich I couldn’t finish it the night of this dinner and I still regret it)

Chef Dylan Draper of Elwood Rabbit kitchen

Dylan Draper

Executive Chef & Operating Partner at Elwood and the Rabbit.

Located at 24, 4th Street NE, Calgary, AB, T2E 3R7.


Mondays: Open at 5:00pm
Tuesdays – Fridays: Open at 11:30am
Saturdays: Open at 5:00pm
Sundays: Open at 9:00am

Click HERE to make a reservation or to look at their menu.

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