A Day of Luxury in the 2017 Lincoln Continental

Katrina Olson 2017 Lincoln Continental

There really isn’t many luxury cars like the Lincoln Continental. Lincoln has become iconic for it’s American luxury vehicle through mass media and being known as the only black car that matters in major cities when you need to get where you are going.

After a 15 hiatus, the new 2017 Lincoln Continental is back and more beautiful than ever before. I was able to spend a very luxurious day in the all newContinental discovering new things in my city along the way.

First things first, I experience this car two different ways, first in complete luxury with an awesome chauffeured driver (Yomi) where I rode in the back as a passenger. The best part of being the passenger and riding in the back seat of the car is that the middle console comes down with all the controls you could ever want… climate controls, sun roof and the music 🙂 – the Harman’s “revel” system is  pretty spectacular. In my fantasy life, this is how I would go everywhere *sigh*

Secondly, I enjoyed this car as the driver, chauffeuring my kids. I spent time driving my kids to school and running errands. My favorite thing about driving kids in this car is the “E-Latch” that pulls the doors closed when they are not shut properly. I can’t tell you how many times I have dropped my kids off somewhere and then released the door is open and have to pull over to go close it.

As far as driving a full size sedan, this car didn’t feel large while I was driving it. The corners were so smooth and the ride was incredibly comfortable. The doors open by a button which felt very futuristic for me because I am so used to pulling a handle in cars to get out.

My favorite part of the new Lincoln Continental has to be the sun roof. I don’t think I have been in a vehicle with a larger sun roof. Driving through downtown at night seeing all the lights on the tall building against the sky felt magical.

We began our day of luxury driving around the city and then stopping for lunch at River Cafe in Princes Island Park. I love this restaurant because you have to walk in the park to get to it, and once you are there, you feel like you are in a wood cabin somewhere away from the city. The food is always delicious and the service is amazing.

Salad at River Cafe Katrina Olson

After lunch, we toured Calgary’s up-and-coming Music Mile with the self-professed Mayor Bob Chartier. Bob jumped in the front seat of the Lincoln Continental to tell us all about his passion for creating a strong music district and community in the cities East Village. We began the tour  on 9th Avenue SE from the Blues Can in Inglewood and ended at Studio Bell, the home of the National Music Centre. It was really cool to see all these little hidden gems for live music in Calgary.

Bob Chartier Mayor of Calgary's music mile

Next was our tour of the National Music Centre. Although I had been in the NMC twice before for events, I had never toured the space which is beyond phenomenal. The architecture is quite astounding. The NMC is full of synthesizers and instruments that have been salvaged from decades past to be displayed. I am definitely going to go back with my kids one afternoon to play in all the discovery areas. Calgary is so lucky to be home to this wonderful place.

National Music Centre Calgary Katrina Olson

Katrina Olson and Karalyn Reardon in the National Music Centre Calgary

After touring the NMC, we had some rest and relaxation at Beach Beauty for a pedicure. I had never been at Beach before, but it was one of the best pedicures I have ever had, and I love the vibe of the space. Beach, a healthy beauty bar, offers toxic free, cruelty free and organic services. I will definitely be back there in the future 🙂

Katrina Olson at Beach Beauty Calgary

Our last stop in our day of luxury was dinner at the Calgary tower in the Sky 360 Restaurant. Up on top of the Calgary Tower in the heart of downtown, we were able to experience all of Calgary’s seasons from above over the course of 2 hours. We saw sunshine, snow and then rain. The weather in this city is really unpredictable, but it made for great entertainment over dinner 🙂 and I highly recommend the s’mores cheesecake if you make it there for dessert. So there are no photos of that, it was far too good to stop eating and document.

Calgary Tower Katrina Olson

Katrina Olson and Karalyn Reardon in the Calgary Tower for Dinner

Calgary Downtown at night from Calgary Tower

2017 Lincoln Continental Calgary


Annie Leibovitz introduced the 2017 Lincoln Continental as the main character in the unique storyline of an engaging photo campaign. (Above and below Photos courtesy of Lincoln Motor Co.)

2017 Blue Lincoln Continental

2017 Blue Lincoln Continental parked outside

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