Charlotte Tilbury’s New Dry Sheet Mask

If you have never ordered off Charlottle Tilbury’s website, you are really missing out. On every purchase you get two free samples and free shipping, plus all her fabulous products (even exclusives) are available to you 24/7!

The latest phenomenon from Charlotte Tilbury is the revolutionary instant magic facial dry sheet mask.  It’s basically the easiest facial mask imaginable. In just 15 minutes the dry mask reduces wrinkles, smoothes, brightens, lifts and hydrate your face exactly where it needs it. The result is a dewy, healthier looking complexion.

Another advantage is, because it is a dry mask, you can reuse it up to three times!!! Dry masks don’t hold bacteria, like serum soaked other sheet masks. The individual masks sell on Charlotte Tilbury’s site for $27 CDN (or $25 USD). That only $9 per use!!!! ($7 in USD) 🙂

The fabric used for this dry sheet mask is infused microvectors that hold ingredients like Vitamin B3 that brightens skin, plant cell matrix that lifts skin, crocus bulb extract that boosts radiance, and Charlotte’s signature “magic oils” that act as a barrier and physically make your skin glow.

Charlotte Tilbury Dry Mask on a Tuesday Morning from Katrina Olson-Mottahed on Vimeo.

Your skin sucks up these nutrients in the areas they are needed to feed and repair them, while it plumps fine lines in area that need it most.

UK-based facialist Debbie Thomas worked with Charlotte to create a mask that leaves a post-spa visage. Thomas suggests massaging the mask on your skin for a couple of minutes to active your skin and warm it up to absorb nutrients properly. I have also heard you can use a hair dryer on the lowest warmth setting to activate the mask too which can shorten the time of wearing the mask. Throw it on while you are drying your hair for 10 minutes so your skin will also be ready when your hair is blown out.

Cleanse your skin thoroughly before wearing the mask because it will work best on unclogged pores for the nutrient absorption, however Charlotte puts it on over foundation when she wants a pick-me-up in a hurry.

The dry mask can be used in combination with Charlotte’s other skin care products as part of a complete skin care regime.

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