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I first started going to Barre Belle in late August 2017. A friend of mine (who is fit AF) invited me to join her for a class and I got hooked. The first class I went to was taught by Kristi Stewart and was Barre X class. Kristi is the founder and an instructor at Barre Belle. She notoriously known for having the most challenging classes, but I had no idea at the time. I made it through the class and was sore for several days after my first Barre X class but I was determined to work as hard as I could to get my body to look as close as possible to Kristi’s no matter how long it takes. (still working on that 🙂  )

There are 4 Barre Belle studios in Calgary and one pop-up location in the Core Downtown which will be there until March 2018 called Studio X. The permanent studios are Mission, Parkdale, Auburn Bay and the newest edition West 85th.

New Year, New Rear

I started trying all the different instructors between three locations (Parkdale, 4th Street and the pop-up studio X in the Core) and all the different classes. The consistency between the instructors is incredible.

I have to say it took me about six weeks of doing Barre Belle a couple times a week to get into the swing of the workouts. Yet to this day I have not been to a class that hasn’t challenged me in some way mentally or physically. The community is amazing. Full of women, and the occasional guy who support each other and are able to smile through the workouts even though it hurts. It is such a positive environment, I have met so many incredible people and I really miss everyone when I am not able to get in to the studio.  The most amazing experience I had with that support, was this past November when I committed myself to the 30 challenge.

Katrina Olson weight

In November Barre Belle hosted a 30 day challenge where the goal is to complete 30 classes in 30 days. I also had a side bet with a separate group of ladies to see who could get the biggest body percentage change during the month of November. The first two weeks of the 30 day challenge were the hardest. I learned quickly, that if I took a day off in between workouts and tried to do two in one day, I would be in so much pain on my day off. It became more manageable to attend classes every day just remain in a constant state of being less sore. By the third week I could really see the results in my body. My muscle definition was taking on different formation and I was so pleased that I had stuck to the challenge. I ate super clean during the 30 days of the challenge. I limited complex carbs, controlled my portions and ate copious amounts of protein (which for me was shakes and eggs because I’m vegetarian). By the end of my 30 days I had lost nearly 8 Ibs and completed 32 classes. Setting goals and crushing them is really the best feeling in the world. But the icing on the cake was that I also won my side bet for the percent change with the other group of ladies.


Now that it’s a new year, it’s time for new goals. I really let myself indulge all of December on everything I deprived myself of in November, so I can get back on track for 2018. I am trying to get myself back into a routine with moderation and will pace myself until the next 30 day challenge.

New Year, New Rear

The most exciting news this year for Barre Belle is that they just opened a brand new location on West 85th, deep in the south west so close to where I dwell. So close in fact,  I will be able to ride my bike to the studio in the summer. The new location is 420 8560 8a Ave SW and may be the most beautiful location yet. The grand opening took place this past Saturday, and the beautiful founder & instructor Jill Belland taught a class that made me sweat like never before!


Barre Belle West 85th Calgary Jill Balland KAtrina Olson

You can check out the classes and the schedule HERE . Now is the perfect time to try Barre Belle West 85th because they have great introductory offerers:

  • 15 Class Pass is only $255
  • 3 Month Intro Pass is only $450
  • Annual Pass is only $1620

Barre Belle West 85th Katrina Olson photo by Tom Kucy

Color photos by Tom Kucy

New Year, New Rear

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